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From the Principal


Dr. Pearce, Principal of Benjamin Turner Middle School

Can any good thing come out of Mount Vernon? Ask a 15-year-old who left Jamaica and resided in Mount Vernon in 1987. This 15-year-old graduated from Mount Vernon High School. He successfully graduated college with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering "Cum Laude". He then earned three master's degrees in Education / Leadership, and a Doctorate in Urban Leadership from Fordham University. This 15-year-old is now the new principal of the Mount Vernon STEAM Academy.

Dr. Christopher Pearce served as a Mathematics Teacher at Franko Middle School, Longfellow Middle School, and Benjamin Turner Middle School over a span of 17 years. He also served as a Dean of Students at Mount Vernon High School and the STEAM Academy. He gives credit to the late Sharon Bradley for her mentorship and inspiration at the STEAM Academy. Recently he served as an Assistant Principal of Culture and Climate at Mount Vernon High School and Principal at Benjamin Turner Middle School.

Can any good thing come out of Mount Vernon? The resounding answer has always been...Yes! Mount Vernon has always been pregnant with great possibilities and today's youth will give birth to new wonders and accomplishments. Our youth will break records and tear down barriers. They will not implode in violence, drugs, and hopelessness, but will explode with great talents, grit, and achievements. I truly believe in our youth. Therefore, our scholars will be challenged to be their best selves. Only their best will ever be good enough. I believe that:

Children are like tender plants
Feed them, they’ll grow
Teach them, they’ll know
Talk to them, they’ll hear
Listen to them, they’ll care
Empower them, they’ll excel
Motivate them, they’ll do well
Inspire them, they’ll rise
Let them aim toward the skies
C. Pearce


Dr. Christopher Pearce

STEAM Academy Mission & Vision

The vision of the Mount Vernon STEAM Academy is to prepare students for success in the 21st century by providing equitable, rigorous and innovative learning opportunities across all content areas through a STEAM lens.

We will promote active learning and challenge our students to take full ownership of their education centered around the 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity) and 5Es (engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate). We encourage our students to identify and recognize their skills, talents and passions.